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Institutional Asset Management

Investment Management

Institutional Asset Management

ABS Investment Management

ABS Investment Management LLC is an independent fund of hedge funds manager specializing in equity long/short strategies. The firm began operations in the fall of 2002 and is based in Greenwich, CT. ABS was established to create and be recognized as one of the highest quality franchises in equity long/short investing by focusing on generating excellent risk/reward returns for clients while providing first class client service.

Atalanta Sosnoff Capital

Atalanta Sosnoff Capital LLC is an institutional investment management firm that makes investments focused on earnings acceleration in large-cap U.S. equities. Through proprietary research and dedicated client service, we deliver consistent, high-quality advisory services targeted to outperform benchmark and peer group performance over the long term.

Evercore Trust Company

Evercore Trust Company, N.A. is a national trust bank providing specialized investment management, independent fiduciary services, and trustee services for qualified and non-qualified employee benefit plans. We also provide personal trustee, executor and custodian services for clients of Evercore Wealth Management.

Evercore Casa de Bolsa

Evercore Casa de Bolsa is a leading Mexico-based investment banking and asset management firm. For institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, we provide specialized advice and portfolio management services focused in international, peso-dominated money market, fixed income and equity securities.

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Evercore is growing rapidly in all practice areas and in the global markets in which we operate. To maintain the high standard of excellence we provide our clients, we frequently seek exceptional, experienced executives to join our team and outstanding candidates to enter our Intern, Analyst and Associate programs.
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